Fairyswap Launchpad Tutorials

To be eligible for the IDO Launchpad of your preferred project, stake (at least 100) FAIRY-FRA LP tokens; then you’ll be able to purchase the project's token with $FRA tokens, and help fund the project's development.

Visit https://dev.fairyswap.finance/launchpad to checkout Fairyswap Launchpad on testnet.

Go to https://fairyswap.finance/launchpad to check out all Launchpad projects. In this tutorial, we use a project called Poseidon Finance as an example.

Before the sale

  • Click on the "Poseidon Finance" card to check out details about the project and its IDO info. You'll be able to see project intro, IDO timeline and token info.

  • Stake a minimum of 100 FAIRY-FRA LP tokens to subscribe to the launchpad you wish to participate to be eligible to participate in the IDO; you can later claim this LP token after the sale ends.

After the sale begins

  • Stake the amount FRA tokens you wish to subscribe, usually users are offered 3 tier of subscription levels. Click on the "Enable FRA" button to subscribe.

    • Each wallet can subscribe to the whitelist once.

    • Staked FRA tokens cannot be taken off.

    • You can calculate your share of the Subscription pool easily (My Staked FRA / Total FRA Staked).

After the sale ends

  • When the sale is complete, you may claim the launchpad tokens you've bought, and redeem the staked FAIRY-FRA LP and any over-subscribed FRA tokens.

  • There is no fees to participate in the Launchpad on Fairyswap.

Disclaimer: please read the terms and conditions on the Fairyswap Launchpad page before you make any transactions.

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