About Fairyswap

A new paradigm of open, democratized, private finance for the future. Welcome to Fairyland!

FairySwap is the first automated market maker (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the Findora Network. It leverages Findora’s EVM to offer low gas fees, cross-chain interoperability, and lighting-fast finality. Leveraging the privacy-preserving Findora Native Chain, FairySwap aims to achieve front-running resistance and identity protection for traders.

FairySwap is a fair-launch project featuring the FAIRY token, which is designed with a deflationary and mining-focused token distribution model with no unfair allocation to early investors, teams, advisors or insiders.

FairySwap is the pioneer project for Findora, helping test basic systems to unlock the immense potential the network has to bring privacy to DeFi. FairySwap is committed to the ideals of permissionless access, privacy protection, and auditable transparency, all indispensable components for a future where anyone in the world can access necessary financial services.

We’re creating a future where anyone in the world can access basic financial services without risking identity or personal data theft.

Key Features

Privacy Meets DeFi

FairySwap enables trades orders of magnitude faster, with minimal transaction fees and maximum liquidity efficiency, providing next-generation, privacy-centric trading experience. FairySwap leverages bleeding-edge cryptographic algorithms, including atomic swaps and anonymous transfers, to create ZK synthetic assets to protect trader privacy.

All the bridges to Fairyland

FairySwap envisions itself to steward the exponential growth of value migrated to and generated within Findora’s DeFi and metaversal ecosystems as a pioneer project. With Rialto bridges integration, FairySwap supports cross-chain transfers from major ecosystems to capture high yields and privacy protection on Findora.

The Fairy-verse

Apart from FRC-20 tokens, FairySwap intends to introduce a trustless and permissionless marketplace for FRC 721 tokens curated in the Fairy-verse. FairySwap enables any user to establish anonymous on-chain identities through the use of FairyNFTs, a series of profile-picture collectibles as well as the building block of an upcoming play-to-earn RPG game.

IDO Launchpad

IDO Launchpad provides a platform for project incubation and decentralized crowdfunding, and all the services contribute to FAIRY token utilities and synergize with the FairySwap ecosystem.

DAO governance

Fairyswap will be governed by the FairyDAO to collectively make impactful decision for Fairyswap's future. DAO governors are incentivized by the Fairy tokens.

Fairy NFTs

Let’s Celebrate Female Power with FairyNFTs!

Pixie Power, the first FairyNFT collection minted on Findora, will help build a metaverse with privacy-preserving identities for the community. Findora is a public blockchain with programmable privacy, keeping your data shielded even as it is publicly verifiable. NFTs from the collection will be used as on-chain identities to protect sensitive user data.

FairyNFTs are not just artistic collectibles that can be used as avatars in the metaverse, but also have real utilities like staking and giving special governance rights. Holders of FairyNFTs will qualify for whitelists in future FairySwap events, and can use their NFTs in the coming Fairyverse play-to-earn RPG game. When the NFT marketplace is launched on FairySwap, FairyNFTs will be one of the first valuable assets to be traded there.

FairyNFTs are created by female creators who are building the new era of Web3. Each one of them is designed and minted on-chain with different features to represent different levels of rarity — anyone can choose a Fairy that best reflects their personality. Find the avatar that will best represent you!

As a 100% women-oriented collection, FairyNFTs represent the vision of decentralization, diversity and equal opportunities in web3 to create an equitable environment in tech for everyone. Together, we can create opportunities for all women around the world to be builders, creators, and contributors, and empower them to be leaders in the future world of web3.

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