Fairy Tokenonomics

Read the $FAIRY tokenomics guide here.

$FAIRY Basic Information

FairySwap is a 100% community-driven, fair-launch initiative, featuring the FAIRY token, which is designed with an elegant deflationary mechanism and a mining-focused token distribution model, without any unfair allocation to early investors, teams, advisors or insiders.

  • Token:FAIRY

  • Total amount: 10,000,000

  • Distribution breakdown: 97% of FAIRY tokens will be distributed through liquidity mining, 3% of FAIRY tokens will be used for airdrop

  • Commission fee distribution: A 0.3% commission fee is charged by the platform, 80% of which is used to buyback platform tokens, and 20% for the technical team to do project maintenance; For private transactions, an extra 0.1% commission fee is charged and transferred to the treasury; for cross-chain private transactions, an extra 0.04% commission fee is charged and transferred to the treasury(some functions wait to be enabled).

Total Token Supply: 10,000,000 FAIRY tokens

① Genesis airdrop–bring high profit for early users Community airdrop: to thank early users’ support for the community, the platform will airdrop 60,000 FAIRY as rewards for the community. Staking airdrop: as the first DEX on Findora, it will airdrop 240,000 FAIRY to token holders in the Findora ecosystem and will develop in parallel with Findora in the future.

② Fair mining ecology: any pool that conforms to the algorithm rules can enjoy the mining permission, which solves the fairness of mining ecology Any project can add liquidity to FairySwap. On the platform token mining block, as long as the amount of funds in the pool reaches 100,000 USDT (total value of two tokens ≥ 100,000 USDT), and the commission fee in the pool exceeds 100 USDT for three consecutive days, the platform will open the mining permission; on the LP mining block, as long as the amount of funds in the pool reaches 200,000 USDT (total value of two tokens ≥ 200,000 USDT), and the commission fee in the pool for three consecutive days is over 200 USDT, the platform will open mining permission. All rights depend on whether the algorithmic rules are met

FairySwap truly follows the rules of the algorithm and fully decentralizes the mining power, which returns to the essence of blockchain and brings the development of SWAP back on track, so that the concept of decentralization can be truly applied.

③ Cross-chain transaction–solve the problem of high threshold for participation and high commission fee With Rialto bridge integration, FairySwap supports cross-chain transfers to transfer assets between different chains, which not only lowers the threshold for participation, but also enjoys the low transaction fee of Findora ecosystem.

④ Based on Findora ecosystem–dig the track of privacy public chain and the consensus power is on the rise First of all, Findora is a public blockchain with programmable privacy. Compared with the current public chain on the market, Findora has the advantages of scalability, privacy and interoperability, thus ensuring the security and privacy of FairySwap. Secondly, with the development of the DeFi market, various public chains have mushroomed. Findora is not to be outdone, and the number of its community users keeps growing, laying a user base for the development of FairySwap. Finally, FairySwap always adheres to the concept of openness, fairness and justice, and is the strongest consensus to win the market.

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