Ambassador Program

We are looking for the most talented people working as ambassadors for the first DEX on Findora. We provide rewards, career development opportunities, and an international and online communication environment for all the ambassadors at FairySwap.

Come to join us and be a member of the ecosystem!

Who you are

You are not required to be a developer — our ambassadors could also help with community management, translation, event hosting, and content creation.

1. Passionate Community members

2. Document engineers

3. Contributors to the DeFi projects

4. Developers or engineers

5. Designer & Content creator

What You’ll Do

1. Manage the community channel

2. Create content by writing blogs, or creating tutorials, videos, posters, and other content.

3. Host local meetups (if allowed).

4. Attend bi-weekly Ambassador calls & monthly meetings every quarter.

5. Be responsive to the community, the FairySwap team, and the ambassador team.

Work Types

Community management and growth — Manage and promote FairySwap’s Telegram and Discord Channel and other social media.

Content Creation — Write articles, Tweets, and announcements, create memes, posters, videos, and so on.

Event Planning — Hosting various events including online and offline that you think would promote FairySwap.

Social Media and Channels — Required to mark “FairySwap Ambassador” on your social media nickname. Additionally, Create short quality content or memes on Twitter or other social media platforms.

What you will get

Ambassadors can also get rewards, experience in DeFi world, and an international communication environment in the FairySwap community. For those interested in long-term development, we also support them by giving other opportunities and career development chances.

Come to join us and be a member of FairySwap!

How to Apply

Please fill in the application form.

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