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Number of Bets: Unlimited (You can make multiple bets on different teams on each match. )

Bet end time: 5 min before the start of the match

Bet Amount: Minimum 2000 FRA, no upper limit

Platform fees: 10% from winnings

How to Enter:

1. Prepare by purchasing FRA tokens.

2. Select your team: Team 1, Team 2 or Draw

3. Await your results, if you win, you can claim!

Results will be updated at around 9:00 am (GMT+8) daily. Please check the claim page to collect your winnings.

Reward Calculations (for one particular match):

If your prediction is correct, you will be able to claim the full amount of your bet plus your share of the rewards pool (total bet on the other team) pro rata to the share of your bet on your team, after deducting the platform fee.

Let's use the following scenario as example:

Total amount bet on Team 1: 200K FRA

Total amount bet on Team 2: 500K FRA

You placed a bet for Team 1 for 20K FRA

Your placed bet ratio % is: 20K/200K = 10%

If the result is a Team 1, then:

Your rewards are: 500K x (1-10%) x10% = 45K FRA

Your total claimable is: 20K FRA + 45K FRA = 65K FRA (bet placed + rewards)

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