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A new paradigm of open, democratized, private finance of the future. Welcome to Fairyland! 🧚‍♀️

About FairySwap

FairySwap is the first Automated Market Maker (AMM) Decentralized Exchange (DEX) built on Findora, a new kind of blockchain that provides on-chain confidentiality and programmable privacy.

With Findora’s EVM, FairySwap gives you unbelievably fast cross-chain swaps between Layer 1 chains like Ethereum and BNB Chain, while minimizing fees and maximizing efficiency. Fast and inexpensive privacy on public blockchains — that’s the magical future FairySwap is aiming for.

FairySwap is pioneering Findora’s DeFi and metaverse future, and is 100% committed to privacy protection, auditable transparency, and permissionless access. We’re creating a future where anyone in the world can access basic financial services.

$FAIRY Token Allocation

a. Fairy Pixie Drop (3% FAIRY tokens)

  • Mining Elves - 80% (240,000 $Fairy Tokens) of the Pixie Drop rewards are allocated to early liquidity providers for FRA staking pools.

  • Pixie Airdrop – 20% (60,000 $Fairy tokens) of the Pixie Drop rewards will be distributed to eligible early adopters who follow us on social media and complete their tasks.

b. Liquidity Mining (97% FAIRY tokens)

The majority (97%) of $FAIRY tokens will be distributed through Liquidity Mining to achieve a balance of high market utilization and wide distribution of governance participants. Extremely lucrative rewards are allocated to early farms.

The vesting schedule is algorithmically specified as follows:

  • the first 26 days since launch features extremely lucrative returns for yield farmers with 1.7M FAIRY tokens released through liquidity mining: 20K FAIRY daily release for the first 12 days and 50K FAIRY Daily Release from after the first halving happening on Day 10;

  • starting from Day 24, the number of FAIRY daily release “halves” at a rate of 80% every 40 days. This pattern continues into perpetuity. For reference, during the first four years, roughly 9,697,404 FAIRY will be distributed to liquidity miners cumulatively.

The liquidity mining program starts on mainnet launch and will cover the following pools on FairySwap with the proposed weight/multipliers at launch. New trading pairs can be proposed by the Fairy community via voting (governance portal coming soon).

100% Fair-launched

FairySwap is a 100% fair-launched initiative. No $FAIRY tokens are allocated to the team, investors, advisors, or any sort of insiders.

A total of 10,000,000 FAIRY tokens are minted at genesis, of which fully 100% will be distributed to the community according to the allocation chart.

$FAIRY Token Utilities

The Fairy-verse

FairySwap will enable any user to establish anonymous on-chain identities through the use of FairyNFTs, which may form the building blocks for future games and communities in the Fairyverse. $FAIRY tokens are used to buy FairyNFT and participate in GameFi and other metaverse dApps.

Community-led Governance

The FairySwap Protocol is managed by a global community of FAIRY token holders through Fairy Improvement Proposals (e.g. adjusting pool parameters and yield farming multipliers, adding/subtracting trading pools, integrating new ecosystems, taxation policies, etc.)

Deflationary Mechanism

FAIRY's deflationary tokenomics are designed for long-term value accrual. 50% of swap commission fees (100% for cross-chain and private swaps) are taxed and transferred to a “swamp address🐊” to be burned.

Staking & Yield Generation

FAIRY tokens are awarded to liquidity providers who lock LP tokens in the yield farms on FairySwap. This helps to optimize the stability and consistency of the platforms liquidity. Extremely lucrative rewards are allocated to early yield farmers.

IDO Launchpad

FAIRY tokens are the legal tender on Fairyswap's IDO Launchpad. The platforms helps incubate new projects through decentralized fundraising and community-led launches on Findora.

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